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LEWIN building blocks named in the company's first "development of children's intelligence" concept, attention to detail, diligent thinking, innovation, continuous learning, based on practice, assiduously, the spirit of excellence, is committed to the design and production of China's most outstanding plastic fight block, Help the next generation of intellectual development, training children's interest, to guide him (her) to architects, artists, scientists and other direction, in the creative design, the United States Harvard University Professor Howard Gardner's "multiple intelligence Theory "R & D philosophy, is a useful toy for children, loved by 70,80 after the parents. LEWIN building blocks have introduced a number of classic series, such as marine series, fire series, the future series of soldiers, military series, the three series, once listed, the rapid occupation of the market, access to consumers alike. In order to strengthen the creativity, enlightenment, and recreation of innovative products, we have developed the "development of intellectual intelligence, education and education" for the product research and development concept of Professor of "Multiple Intelligence Theory" by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University in the United States. Yu Le, "the wisdom of the series of hundreds of building products, so that children at the same time, get the full development of intellectual and physical and mental. The company will introduce a variety of new products each year, the annual production and sales of more than 25,000,000, and 30% per year rate of growth.

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